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When Lego gets too much - it's time to bring it in order. We will help you to maintain a list of their treasures. Go to the personal account and you'll always know - do you have a set or should add it to your wish list?

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New Lego come often. Maybe it is now busy making Lego figurines of your favorite movie or game. We tried to find out about all earlier updates. Add your favorite sets to Wishlist firmly and walk to his goal. And yet - Wish List you can send to friends and family or post on a social network.

Explore the details of Lego sets

How many minifigures included in the set of "Millennium Falcon"? How many parts in the "Flying Phoenix Fire Temple"? When released Duplo "My First Circus" ? How to buy the "Mr. Gold"? All this information is available in our database. Have something to say? Leave a comment to your favorite Lego sets to.